What is Windows Defender and Features of it.explain

what is windows defender

What is the Window Defender we are here today? About to talk about it and learn why Windows C and learn if you too. If you want to keep your computer safe on the internet, you should turn on your computer’s Windows Defender and don’t know how to turn it on, we will tell you through this post.

Whenever we use internet through computers, there is always a problem that viruses can come through internet in computers which can cause a little trouble to our computers by going ahead because our computer is enough with these viruses. It becomes more slow and more problems happen. If the virus does not come into our computers, then we need a computer AntiVirus for that.
But if you download antivirus for free it is of no use if you have to secure your computer correctly you have to buy antivirus by paying for it well I don’t have money many people There is another alternative to buying antivirus. You can use window security future called Window Defender. With this help, any type of virus can be prevented. In this post of today, you can know about us. Going to tell and this Windows Defender is available in almost every window computer.

What is Windows Defender?

Microsoft Defender is known as Windows Defender before Windows 10 May 2020 or Windows 10 Creator Update and later Windows Defender Antivirus) is an anti-mailware component of Microsoft Windows XP for the first time. Was released as a downloadable free anti-spyware program, and was later shipped with Windows Vista and Windows 7 It has evolved into a full antivirus program instead of Microsoft Security Essentials as part of Windows 8 and submerged versions.
With this you can keep your computer safe from the virus. With that when you use your computer it keeps scanning real time computers in the background.


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Features of Window Defender


Before Windows 8 Windows Defender only protected users against Spyware.
This includes several real-time security agents who monitor changes in many common areas of Windows that could be caused by spyware.
It also has the ability to remove the installed ActiveX software.
Windows Defender showed an integrated support for Microsoft SpyNet that allows users to report to Microsoft what spyware they believe and what apps and device drivers they allow to install on their systems.

Advance Features

Browser integration

Integration with Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge enables scan files as they are unintentionally downloaded to detect malicious software. As of April 2018, the Google Defender is also available for Google Chrome through an extension and Google works with secure browsing.

Real-time protection

In Windows Defender options, the user can configure real-time security options. Windows 10 anniversary update launches Ltd periodic scanning that alternatively allows Windows Defender to scan a system antivirus from time to time
If any other antivirus app has been installed it also introduced blocks at first glance, using machine learning to assess whether a file is malicious or not

Application Guard

A feature released in early 2018, Windows Defender Application Guard, is a feature for Microsoft Edge that allows you to sandbox your current browsing session on your system.
This prevents a malicious website or malware from affecting your system and your browser. Application Guard available only at Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Enterprise.



In this post we tell you about windows defender,hope this  post help you to learn and know more things about it.


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