What is WORDPRESS how to create website on wordpress?

What is WORDPRESS how to create website on wordpress

Friends, you must have seen on the Internet that every information is put on some website. If you also want to know about any information, then you search on the Internet, then you also see many websites. You get that information by visiting the website.What is WORDPRESS how to create website on wordpress?

But you know where this website is made, and how they are made. Friends, there are many Website Builder Platform on the Internet, but today we will tell you about the best and professional website making platform of the Internet.


What is WordPress

Friends WordPress is a website making platform. Any user website can be created here. On WordPress, we can easily create a professional website without any coding, and can also start blogging from that website. Also you can earn money from the website created by the website. Because you can also get your website monetized by having WordPress website approved in an ad network like Google AdSense.

If you do not know, then let me tell that before 2005, all the websites around the world were made through Coding. It was not possible to create a website without Coding, but after 2005, WordPress came and after the introduction of WordPress, WordPress released the feature of creating websites without Coding on the Internet. Since then WordPress has gained a lot of recognition, and all users use WordPress itself, because we can build a professional website on WordPress without coding.

At the present time, there are many big websites on WordPress. Which is currently live on the Internet. Creating a website on WordPress does not require any special abilities or much money. A good Professional Website can be easily created on WordPress.


How to create a website on WordPress

Friend Creating a website on WordPress is very easy, and there are two different types of website creation on WordPress. If you want to make WordPress free. So WordPress also gives you a chance to create a free website. If you want to build your website with a Professional Custom Domain by spending some money on WordPress. Then you can easily create on WordPress without Coding.


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What is needed to build a WordPress website


1. Domain
2. Hosting
3. Development

1. Domain :-
To create a website on WordPress, you have to buy a Custom Domain. Because Domain is a type of website name. And you cannot create a website  without a name. The domain is called the identity of the website. That’s why you buy a Custom Domain like: – .Com, .In, .Org, .Net etc.

2. Hosting :-
Hosting is the main object to create a website on WordPress. Posting is a type of storage, and it is very important to buy that storage. Because if you build a website on WordPress. So the data of that website has to be hosted somewhere. That is why you buy a good hosting, although there are many Hosting Provider Company’s on the Internet,godaddy.

3. Development :-
The main task of developing a website . If you are a website developer yourself, then you will easily develop the WordPress website. But it is very difficult to develop a WordPress website for New Blogger. So if you contact a web developer, and get your website developed.



Friends, today in this article we have explained in detail about What is WORDPRESS how to create website on wordpress..So, please comment us through the comment box given below.


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