What is Yahoo?History,Benefits,Service of Yahoo in details.

What is Yahoo

You must have heard the name of Yahoo many times, but do you know what Yahoo is after all? If not, today we will know what is Yahoo? Who created,benefits, services and yahoo’s history?

Today if we ask any question which we cannot answer, then you say “do Google” Yes, whenever you want to search for information on a topic on the internet , the name of Google is remembered first! But do you know that apart from Google, there are many search engines in the Internet, one of which is Yahoo!


What is Yahoo? 

In simple terms, yahoo is a search engine like Google in which users can find answers to their questions.

This is a web search engine! Founded by yahoo company! it’s headquartered in the US, California. And as of October 2018 data, This is the second largest search engine in the world after Google. It was launched in March 1994 and is built in PHP language.

According to anayltics report from alexa and similar web sites, it was the most read news and media website by users. In which 7 million views every month and it was the 6th most used website in the world in the year 2016.


When, who made Yahoo and how?

It Was started in March 1995. It was started in 1994 by Jarry yang and David filo! Who was a graduate student from Stanford University! yahoo was initially called “Jarry and Davids Guide to the world wide Web”.

But with time they increased the traffic  and due to its popularity, it was renamed to search engine.

At that time it was launched with a search engine, email service , a directory and latest news features.


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How Yahoo Search Engine Works?

When a user types their questions in the search engine then the search engine crawl into the search engine database through spidee software! And related information related to querry shows in front of user based on ranking in search result!

It is important to know here that yahoo shows users pages, video links etc. in the results based on its secret algorithm!

Friends, we now know about the special features of yahoo i.e. services provided to users.


Yahoo Services

Small business


Benefits of Yahoo?

Users can use tumber and flicker websites in yahoo ! By using tumbler, you can create your own blog and through your writing you can spread your ideas to the world!

On the other hand flicker is a free service where you can view and share high quality photos. Also you can upload high quality photos, thus you can socially connect with these services of Yahoo!

If you have any question, maybe thousands of people have answered your question of answer site by it’s users! In answer site select the category you want to ask and here you can read the views of thousands of users.

With the help of yahoo id, you can create your own id, by which you too can answer people’s comments and comment, as well as vote !!

Like Google,It has also a search engine, so you can find answers to all your questions on the search engine!,answer site, mail, finance etc. There are many services of it which user can improve their browsing experience!


History of Yahoo?

While doing electrical engineering at Stanford University in 1994, jerry yang and David filo wanted a platform to find all the useful websites in one place on the internet at that time! So that they can do their tasks with the simplest of things!

But at the time there was no such tool available, so both Jerry and David decided to create a tool of their own and as you know the world famous web portal and branded yahoo today.

This was done by both of them together for their hobbies, and their move changed the way the world stays connected, discovers information and uses it!

jerry and david began their project work in the campus trailer in 1994! And the website started as jerry and david guides to the world wide Web! But later David and yang decided to change the name of the website because It is a legendary character in this story called Gulliver Travel!

And thus the name of yahoo was changed and it became popular on the internet as a brand search engine!


I hope that you have now got complete information about Yahoo,Would have liked this post, and felt helpful.


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