What is ZIP File and use? and how zip file works in computer

What is Zip file and use

All of you must know how to use computer, then you must have known about ZIP, if you don’t know, then no problem, what is the zip today? How many types of these are, how it works, how to make it, you will know all about them.What is Zip file and use.

Whenever we download a big file, we are given the option of zip file, yet we do not use this option. That is, with the help of its file option, we do not download files etc. because we have to know about it. I don’t know, we don’t use it because we don’t have equal information about it so we should know better.
Nowadays people can easily download big movies, big games etc with the help of zip file. We should have proper information about it so that we can also use it correctly.Works know about it.


What is ZIP File

ZIP File is a file that packs a lot of computer files into a single file, i.e. creates a container that takes up much less space than the original file.It also called Archive File.
This file is like a container that provides us more than one files in a single file. Our Space, storage problem is finished by this file. We can easily send and transfer this file anywhere. In which data costs a lot.Extension of the zipfile. This is a kind of safe file. It can be easily sent anywhere in the world of internet.


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Why ZIP File is Used

Data or files are easily compressed by zip file which decreases the size of the file so that it can be easily sent through the Internet. This file can also be easily sent by attachment via E-mail. And due to low space, this file takes a little time to store.
We can store all internet related files like movies, games, software etc in one zip file and easily use this file if needed which saves a lot of computer space.

If your computer has very large files which are very little used, you can compress such files in ZIP File and easily use if needed and the computer will also get a lot of space so that it can easily be used. Can work.
If we have to put a password in a file we will put a password in the folder we need software and we have to download the software then use it but if you use ZIP File we need any type of software for it There is no need because when we open ZIP File, the software is used for it. Using it, we can easily put password on the file.

How to make a zip file

This is a very important file for a computer. With the help of this, we can compress even large files easily. Nowadays, every person uses these files. Using them makes our work very easy and we can compress them. Large files don’t even need to be kept in a computer.
There are many types of zip files. All of them work is to compress files like – RAR, TAR etc. The way to compress them is different.

To create this, first go to the location of the file folder which you have to compress and copy all the files in one folder, then right click, there will be a menu show. Click on Add To Archive now. The file will start compressing, it takes time to compress according to the size of the file.
Then after some time your file will be compressed and converted into zip file.

How it works

This one kind of bundles multiple files as containers. For this the file is as small as possible. The file can be shortened to a maximum of 90 % when we compress the file. So first the compression program scans the file and compress the information into small pieces.

How to put password on

If you want to install password on zip file then you have to download Premium Version Apps first you have to go to the folder of the file which you have to create a zip file. Now right click on the folder then there will be a menu show then Add To Archive Will click.
Then the popup box will be open in front of this, in which you have to click on the set password, now you have to enter the password inside it, then click on Ok.

How to UNZIP Zip File

We use many types of software to ZIP files like – Winzip, Winrar etc. These software is also required to unzip any file.
For this, first click on the zip file, now a menu will be open, in which extract here will be written, click on there, then the file will be unzip.


In this article, we have told you about the zip file. If you want any information related to this article, you can comment with us. We will definitely reply to your comment. Thank you.

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